BioOrganic Chemistry for Nanomedicine 

BioOrganic Chemistry Group Unimib

A multidisciplinary chemical sciences research team with focus on functionalization and formulation on bioactive smart materials for nanomedicine and 3D printed in vitro models. The group is interested in glycoscience based studies and on glycans applications in a range of fields that contribute to human health such as drug delivery, diagnostic and tissue regeneration.

Staff: Francesco Nicotra, Laura Russo
Non-permanent staff: Cataldo Pignatelli, Sofia Magli, Giulia Rossi, Francesca Cadamuro, Lorenzo Rossi

The main interests concern the understanding of the role of carbohydrates (Glycoscience) in pathological events and in aging, and the design and synthesis of glycidic structures that can inhibit or modulate such processes. Synthetic efforts are devoted to glycomimetics as potential drugs, and to the conjugation of responsive glycidic structures to nanoparticles and biomaterials.

We develop nanoparticles decorated with cell-responsive biomolecules for therapeutic and diagnostic use. The biomolecules are ligands specific for pharmacological activity, for biological barriers crossing and interactions, and for targeting. Particular attention is devoted to the decoration of nanoparticles with glycans as biorecognition molecules. Fluorescent probes, fluorinated molecules, contrast agents are used for diagnostic purposes.

Regenerative Medicine
Exploiting our expertise in the area of cell-responsive biomolecules, in particular glycans, we generate and test smart biomaterials able to modulate cell adhesion, proliferation and differentiation. We develop protocols to generate, decorate and characterize hydroxyapatite, gelatin, collagen, polycaprolactone, biohybrid glasses and composite materials, and study the possible applications.

ECM Mimetics
We develop ECM mimetics and bioinks for drug/nanoparticles screening and cell biology studies. The synthetic 3D matrices can be functionalized with peptides or carbohydrates in order to: a) guide the cell fate, b) improve cell viability, c) characterize glycan role in control of functional cell development.


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