Innovation in nanomedicine represents a strong opportunity for human health and the growth of the pharmaceutical industry. NANOMIB is a Translational BioNomedical Platform with the mission of creating nanodevices for therapeutic, diagnostic and regenerative medicine, with clinical applications. In addition, the Platform takes advantage of the existing competences to exploit, using nanodevices, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical or diagnostic principles developed by industrial, academic of research centers, bringing them to the clinical
In the Platform are present all the necessary skills and structures to go from the preclinical studies to clinical trials. The synergy among the research groups allows to complete all the steps from the design  of nanostructures to their synthesis, physico-chemical and biological characterization, validation in vitro and in vivo on animal models of disease. Furthermore, the affiliation to the Center of the Clinical area of School of Medicine at San Gerardo Hospital in Monza, gives the concrete possibility of entering into clinical trials and transferring these technologies to the patients.